Company Profile

NATIX Systems is a software design house, established in 2007, based on professional software engineers with long experience in the software industry. We provide Multi Platform, End to End software solutions in a variety of environments. Among our clients are Hi-tech, Medical and Military companies.

NATIX Systems specializes in embedded software development and implementation including:
- RTOS, InTime, embedded Linux and Xilinx Micro Kernel
- Data acquisition and control embedded applications
- Bare metal implementation over PPC, MicroBlaze and ARM processors for high-end communication systems
- Embedded implementation integrated with FPGA acceleration logic
- A variety of USB devices , using serial / storage interface implemented on ARM 32 bit, and RT device drivers.

Services provided for our clients

  • Embedded Systems
  • Windows Applications
  • Web Applications
  • Communication Protocols
  • Databases
  • GUI
  • Software Architecture
  • Project management
  • Turn-Key solutions

FPGA - Highly experienced with FPGAs from Xilinx and Altera. Among others, we've developed:
- Dual-processing systems where one core is used for management and the other as specific DSP, both running embedded applications.
- Multi-sensor digital system for monitoring and routing of medical equipment.
- High-end digital spectrometer, for NMR and MRI systems.
- Various more systems implemented over Power PC, MicroBlaze, NIOS & Zynq.

Microcontrollers - Our long experience with ST Cortex family and NXP Microcontrollers includes a variety of projects:
- USB devices: HID, serial devices and storage applications. The devices include Windows Device Drivers where required.
- Protocol bridges: Between USB, Ethernet, SPI, I2C and other serial protocols.
- Ethernet applications: Implemented with/without an OS for high performance communication.
- Control applications with various algorithms.
- Embedded Webservers.

Windows Applications - We own large experience in Windows OS applications development
- Large scale application architecture and development.
- Client/Server architecture
- GUI applications: MFC/Java/C#
- Control applications communicating over Ethernet, Com, USB
- Web applications
- Database driven applications

Communication Protocols - Deep understanding of communication protocols and their implementation both on embedded and windows systems
- HTTP / TCP / UDP and other IP protocols
- RS232, I2C, SPI and other serial protocols
- Modbus over TCP or Serial
- 1-Wire

Project management - We provide large experience combined with proven abilities in all project management aspects including:
- Product specification
- Software requirements
- Software architecture
- Software implementation and testing
- Integration and delivery
- Support

Turn-Key solutions - Our wide range of expertise enables us to provide a turn-key solution to our customers. We provide complete embedded solution including board design and FPGA development in collaboration with TELMAN-ENG.